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By I remember (anonymous) | Posted February 20, 2009 at 15:24:09

It took 50 years to build the east-end expressway because 50 years ago some visionary "leader" decided that the best location was the Red Hill Valley, and not to utilize the Hwy. 20 mountain access already built, and, if not to go down what was to become Centennial Pkwy, to curve it through orchards and down the then undeveloped areas around Nash Road. Even then citizens saw Kings Forest and the valley as an unspoiled asset so Hamilton missed out on an expressway when it might have used one to service traffic into and out of a booming north-end industrial area.

Fifty years later, after the decline of North American manufacturing was in full swing, we got one, we were told, to serve an industrial park that would come to the south-east mountain if we built it. We built it. It hasn't come. Instead we have more costly residential urban sprawl, built coincidentally by the folks who contributed to the campaign fund of a mayor who pushed it through. Oh, and the box stores. We have the box stores.

Well it's done and to hell with it. Might as well save the five to ten minute commute and see if Lowes has what Home Depot doesn't, as that's the only benefit the (what was it? $400,000,000?) expense delivered.

That said, I'm with Sammy on this one. Build the stadium in the wrong place and it's worse than not building it at all. Better to use the Future Fund (and whoever said that's not taxpayers' money?) on eco-friendly and energy efficient infrastructure that will improve quality of life and save the city (hence, taxpayers) money in the future, than on something that might make a few of us feel good about ourselves for about ten minutes a day and cost millions to maintain.

Location, location, location.

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