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By EastInfection (anonymous) | Posted February 19, 2009 at 20:17:34

I live in the East end and use the RHVP almost daily. It cuts off about 15 mins to Milton and to my friend on Central mountain mere minutes with less stop and start, so easy on vehicle and less time in traffic. I see I am not the only one. i heard from a friend 45 mins less from London to lower Mississauga (QEW).
So it is better and I still hike the valley. Like the Don Valley now. multi use/
Just how many people who are so Anti RHVP walk it or did so on a regular basis.
I like the Centre Mall.
But I am all for using the brownfields for the PanAm stadium. This would be great for the area and way better than ivor Whynne.
Sell the old stadium for condo or townhouses as there is a new school across the street.
However Sam has to go. there is not enough room on the screen for him and his ego. Sometimes it about the job not a media clip.
If the new stadium is designed right we could get 10 times the use out of it. concerts, soccer, Around the Bay race, Aquafest, wing fest . it would be wise to get some other 24/7 activities down that way for security. Maybe some waterfront condo's with a Via station close at hand.
A pedestrian bridge over the tracks to bayfront would be excellent for parking or a school bus drop off point for taverns that sponsor Ti-cat games.
So much for such a dead area now.

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