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By jason (registered) | Posted January 13, 2009 at 21:30:59

there's just way too much fact-twisting going in the above post for me to bother responding to. However, I must call you out on the comment that 'Ontario turns to the government'. 1. Have you seen the inequity when one compares what Ontario sends to Ottawa and what Ottawa gives back?? We're being screwed by the government, not helped. 2. Snag a book from a library on the history of Ontario. you'll find an economy that has grown more powerful than many nations on earth and is very tied into manufacturing (which in case you hadn't noticed is having a rough time right now).

you're ultra-libertarianism is no better than someone's ultra-socialism. A healthy society has a proper mix of public/private ventures and wealth generation that leads to greater growth and health in the future. Let's chat in 20 years and see how the US is doing. It's already feeling the pain resulting from handing over the keys of the nation to a group of private corporations years ago and letting them run wild. Have you ever stopped to wonder why Canada's banking system gets voted as being the safest in the world and why our real estate market didn't crash and burn like our neighbour to the south?? It's called a healthy society in which the government maintains appropriate regulation and doesn't just turn over control to the corporations. crazy idea eh??

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