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By JP (registered) | Posted December 28, 2008 at 14:20:47

What happened to the proposal for the Education Centre that was being worked on.

From articles that I had read earlier this year, and from what I had heard, the BOE was to remain downtown, with the redevelopement of their current land at Bay-King,with their current building at Bay-Main being sold off for new buildings to house,Public Health, McMaster, etc...

I was under the impression that this deal was just bing tweaked and was ready to be signed.

Am I to now understand that we are now to loose the BOE to the mountaine, loosing all those jobs in the downtown core where they are most needed?

Why must we keep building on all 'green-space' on the mountain, when we have a an entire downtown full of buildings and vacant office space?

Is there nothing to be done to keep the BOE downtown?

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