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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted December 18, 2008 at 21:52:12

Mr.Meister, no, you know how you think and act, but I don't think you can speak for the rest of us. If I saw someone who looked like they needed food and I knew that there was no government program to provide it, of course I would do my best to help that person. But to be truthful, in attempting to help that person, I would actually be trying to relieve my own pain.

Since God designed most of us to feel empathy and pain at others misfortune, by not helping people who truly need it, we are condemning ourselves to terrible guilt and anguish. In this sense, it is our own greedy self interest that makes us to want to help others. Keep in mind that the poverty I am talking about is something that does not exist today (at least in Canada), but true life threatening poverty.

If after this explanation, you don't agree with my characterization of human nature, then you obviously are one of the few who does not have an evolved conscience. In that case, I understand why you think it is necessary for government to force people to help others.

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