Comment 27904

By Unreal (anonymous) | Posted December 15, 2008 at 11:27:59

No you wrote "wherever you move city hall, that area will also become a dead zone." Now you're changing the story. I'll tell you who's lost business after city staff moved, the cafeteria at city hall now closed for renovations. Otherwise they weren't spending there money at work. Anyway as Sean Burak says it's not just that they're spending there own money on businesses downtown it's more that they're THINKING about downtown in a way they just didn't when they worked at a drive-in city hall with it's own parking lot so they didn't have to interact with the outside world. They're starting to think of themselves as people in a city not people in a suburb who work in a business park that happens to be downtownish somewhere off a five lane highway (Main st).

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