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By Richard Wright (anonymous) | Posted November 08, 2008 at 20:12:35

Mr. Smith, I give up with you. Your conservative/republican reps just took $700 billion dollars from people and gave it to the people on Wall Street who led the US into the mess. It is now being used (some of it) to pay them bonuses to their execs. Others are using it for making acquisitions...not opening the credit purse. But these Republicans also failed to install the necessary caveats to stop this beahviour. You seem to feel that business and the rich are blameless for the current economic problems when the rest of the world knows it is their greed and their insatiable hunger for more than has led to the economic meltdown. That's why President Obama is using the term: "Spread the Wealth," something obviously totally at odds with your beliefs. Bush gave tax breaks to the wealthy. Has that worked? If you can't sgree that it hasn't, you must be living on another planet. You can't have a country where a financial aristocracy just gets more and more. It doesn't work. That's what is there now.
In Canada to a lesser degree but the greed of Bay Street is just proportionately smaller than Wall Street. As Michael Douglas said in Wall Street (The Movie): Greed is good. So enjoy your greed, sir.

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