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By better (anonymous) | Posted November 04, 2008 at 08:07:29

"why is it that you turn to government to make your life better?" This is what you don't get Smith: the government is US. When we turn to the government to do something for us we're saying WE want to do it for ourselves collectively because it works better that way. Things like an army, each person can't have there own army (except maybe Bjork), it just makes more sense for us to put some of our money into a pool and pay for it out of that. Our government is the way we use to help each other when we need it, but you seem to think the best way to help people is to leave them to drown, well maybe you like living in a community (so called) where people don't help each other but most people would rather live in a community which looks after people who need it and which does things collectively when it's smarter to do things that way.

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