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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted September 24, 2008 at 18:45:39

I am opening the bike shop on james north, and have been getting my hands (literally) dirty for quite some time. At no point during this article did I get the impression that Ryan was taking credit for any of the james north business owners' hard work. Additionally, the type of city planning that Ryan supports in this editorial is exactly the type that has helped the james north area grow - because the laws in place when james north was built up were closer to ryan's visio nthan what they are now. By allowing mixed use development (back in the day) and, more recently, encouraging conversion of empty or industrial space to residential (often above retail space) - plus the calming of traffic from the tracks to wilson - the city has created a place which encourages this type of growth. A.Smith, Ryan is not fighting for more laws. He is fighting for changing the arcane parking bylaws and ridiculous single-use zoning bylaws. In fact he is fighting for LESS government meddling than we have right now, not more.

You are trying to twist his words by claiming he is fighting for laws where there should be none - but the reality is there ARE laws that we have to live with until they are changed. So are you actually saying that Ryan should have called for a complete removal of bylaws rather than calling for a rewrite? You have certainly confused the situation.

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