Comment 264

By jane evans (anonymous) | Posted March 03, 2006 at 10:20:43

"It's A Sprawl World After All" I certainly won't be buying the book after your analysis.The proposals the book offers are sensible ,but hardly original. Sprawling neighbourhoods are ugly,often built in straight lines reminding me of the British Council houses ,and even though the houses sometimes are quite highly priced there is something lonely and disconnected about them.So often they are deserted during the day.You usually need a car to go to anything that is enlightening ,fun for the children ,or related to an active engaged life. Of course, the car allowed us to do this ,but by now after a hundred years of living with such mobility we surely should be able to come up with more interesting neighbourhoods for our children to grow up in .Is there proof that sprawl is fodder for violence?By it's very lonliness I would say that there probaly is some truth in this statement.If we ,in fact believe "it takes a village to raise a child" sprawling neighbourhoods are definately not doing the job for our families ,as we believe. A challenge to architects and developers to create more liveable spaces for us to spend our lives in would help bring about change. The car is still King,but this could alter in the next fifty years,and suburbs may become the slums of tomorrow if we don't create more compact ,and useful communities. So,RTH what about the planners big challenge to develop the new community that serves it citizens well,and encourages a friendlier space for families to live without having to use the car for every commodity they need.

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