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By not liking critical mass (anonymous) | Posted August 05, 2008 at 13:03:47

This video was posted by an organization which has been in lawsuits filed by and against the city for some years now for their involvement in these "Critical Mass" events, which they deny they organize. They claim the videotape was sold to them by an "anonymous tourist" in a clandestine meeting after some mysterious person passed them a crumpled note with nothing more than a phone number on it, which they also apparently no longer have. They also contend this "anonymous tourist" wouldn't give them the original videotape, but only permitted them to copy this one small "clip".

I'm also skeptical of that alleged police deposition which appeared in The Smoking Gun. If that really is the police officer's actual deposition, then why isn't his signature on it? Anyone can type up a piece of paper, but it's not actually "sworn to" until it's signed.

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