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By markwhittle (registered) - website | Posted November 29, 2006 at 15:24:26

I find it quite a giggle that Ryan would refer to his political principles instead of his ideological, or illogical principles.

Canada is a Corporation of the Monarchy created by the Kings Decree. That is our founding document, not Trudeau's bastard child he half-heartedly repatriated leaving the job half done.

Back then there were four nations, still are last time I checked. Quebec was one of them.

The King made a deal with the Aboriginal Mohawks who had a nasty habit of slaughtering any white man who landed on their shores.

The hatchet was buried under the tree of peace and the League of Nations was born.

The rest they say is history.

Once immigration was allowed that's when the trouble started with the Aboriginals and continues today.

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