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By Frank (registered) | Posted April 22, 2008 at 14:11:15

I understand allegations that it's those who oppose ripping downtown buildings down indescriminately are part of the problem however, as a general rule, it's the city who kills all the other options. As far as this structure was concerned, anyone who knows anything about buildings knows that the construction of them as well as the deconstruction of them can lead to events like this and yes, they are sudden and don't give much warning especially in buildings constructed primarily of concrete and brick. I don't like LIUNA's ideas but I don't think that blindly shouting at them for something that could very well be as sudden and unpredictable as they say is productive either. What are you mad at? that the structure fell down? become a building inspector and do your own inspections and report to the public and hopefully that'll force action... or are you angry that there's a lack of forward movement with regards to buildings downtown? get some friends together and buy a place to fix up...or perhaps your angry because there's no regulations regarding the state of buildings downtown? newsflash, there are many buildings throughout the city that are derelict because of neglect and many of them were built around the same time... they're going to fall down to if someone tries to take them apart. There has to be some sort of regulation that says, if u own a property that's yay old, you have to do some sort of building maintenance and have regular inspections done. Trust me, the company who was doing the deconstruction would absolutely not have stepped foot inside the building unless there were assurances from engineers that the structure was stable enough to do so. After 10 years in the construction industry doing things from designing/planning to construction to deconstruction, I know that should to! As far as allegations from un-whoever-the-heck-it-is... give it a rest. Walk up to them next time and ask them. Don't throw around wild, unsupported statements. BTW, WRCU2, nice work and baystreeter, nice play on the "un" name! LOL.

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