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There is demand for housing in the Hamilton area -- witness the growth of the suburbs. The bet is that urban living choices -- including condos rather than rentals -- may be an appealing alternative for some. Now, many of the people in the suburbs are not working in the suburbs either. The upside of having people living downtown is that it is easier to put together public transit packages that get them to work (especially through the GO system, but also due to the fact that downtown gives you plenty of cross-town HSR choices, as well as most mountain routes). It is true that we need more employment downtown, but one way to spark that is to increase aggregate demand (i.e. spending) downtown -- precisely what increasing residential density downtown will do. I do not have much faith in the creativity (not to mention the law-abiding nature) of our local development industry, nor have Mr. Marini's performances on the opinionators always been particularly stellar. But these redevelopment loans smell a lot better than a lot of city sweetheart deals.

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