Comment 17249

By Scott (anonymous) | Posted January 17, 2008 at 14:46:43

By stereotyping all of Ron Paul's supporters the way you do, you lose your credibility.

I have an understanding of the state of the US economy and the causes thereof that is likely different than yours. Ron Paul is the only candidate I hear who is speaking to these issues as I see them. Most other candidates are promoting ideas that will only accellerate our path toward a depression. Any candidate who ignores the issues of our monetary system and thus the root causes of the bubbles and busts is not viable in my eyes. Any candidate who does not acknowledge the major issues of fractional reserve banking and of privately-held central banks is a false change agent, from where I stand. It is unfortunate that you allow the fact that you disagree with me to cloud your judgement to the point that you label all of a candidates supporters as "cultists". I appreciate a debate on the issues, but not these kinds of below the belt attacks.

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