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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted January 17, 2008 at 11:04:15

Regarding light rail, it will absolutely have a positive effect on economic development.

When the rails are laid, developers will be clamouring to snatch up all of the land neighbouring the line because the LRT line will be a clear indicator of where the city has put its "eggs". Buses just do not have that effect no matter how many you throw onto a street nor how fancy they look.

ANd you will be surprised at the number of drivers who will take a train. If you can hop on a train that comes by every 5 minutes and be at work in 10, you'll see some real ridership growth. buses just can't compete and that's why everyone chooses to drive.

I agree that it is hard to get drivers to switch to transit, but LRT is a whole different league than buses.

Think of how many richie rich take the TTC subway, and ask whether those people would take a bus? Not likely. So you see in Toronto that any residential development within walking distance of a subway stop is worth way more than any land that requires a bus or streetcar transfer.

LRT is sexier than a subway even. People will take it.

Not to mention, it will save operating costs down the road since more riders can be pulled by a single driver, and the operation is detached from gas price spikes.

The sooner we invest in LRT the sooner we'll see a real turnaround. In fact, I'd move LRT to the top of your list!

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