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By Larry Di Ianni (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2007 at 10:11:46

I was raised in the inner city and now live in the suburbs. I had concerns about amalgamation and resented the offloading of provincial responsibilities onto the backs of our citizens. This is being addressed by the new provincial government. Consider just this aspect about an amalgamated city, which is important. A unified city gives us the chance to plan for the entire region rather than its component parts. Many have expressed concerns about sprawl. Well, the unified city can deal with this in a way that was impossible before, when the lower tier municipalities all competed for 'growth'. The Region was to control that phenomenon, but it didn't have the tools or political will to do so. Now ALL the same players sit at the same table. Parochial differences will subside over time giving Hamilton a chance to deal with its challenges and opportunities. This one important aspect plus the opportunity to focus resources and speak to other levels of government with a single voice makes an amalgamated Hamilton stronger.
I know the arguments about who won and who lost in the amalgamation and could engage in the debate. But what will it prove? It probably won't convince the Free Flamborough people and it surely won't sway the inner city citizens. So what is best? To build a stronger Hamilton together.

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