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By matt (anonymous) | Posted November 27, 2007 at 16:06:00

What staff department recommended the fare increase?

Seems like a necessary part of the solution is to call for a complete restaffing. You know, maybe bring them into some sense of reality for people who live downtown and ride the bus. (Or maybe make it so that the people who get to make decisions about transit are required to actually use it.)

It's also completely absurd that the HSR would make ANY statements about ridership, when they don't track it at all. Nearly all the fareboxes are broken and not only do they not keep track of student/senior passes, but some drivers refuse to look at people loading on buses at Mac and instead stare forcefully out the window. Really makes me feel good about being there..

So, between rude drivers (some, certainly not all), increasing fares (again), a lack of vision by city staff and lack of courage by council (to stand up to staff), and (from where I stand - there are no seats on most of the buses I take) a noticeable decline in service, guess I should buy a car. Oh wait, I can't afford one and honestly don't believe in them for in-city personal transportation. Guess I should just move instead. I certainly don't feel wanted in this city. To bad, I used to really like it here.

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