Comment 13748

By jockmoron (anonymous) | Posted November 06, 2007 at 19:17:59

I read Kunstler's blogs every week, he has been a prescient, literate and delightfully grumpy commentator on the absurdities of our present economic and social scene for many years. Everything he has been so trenchently warning about, his "colliding catastrophes",is coming to a head and, like the abcess this simile refers to, is about to burst, overripe and luscious. All the talk of more efficient cars, public transport etc is far too late, the Hirsh report of two years ago said we would need twenty years of planning to avoid the serious economic consequences of not dealing with peak oil, we are shortly to find out what these consequences will be. As Peter says, it ain't going to be pretty, bursting abcesses usually aren't.

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