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By hamil10n (registered) | Posted June 22, 2018 at 08:15:29

The need for better transit system is undeniable. The importance and logic of the main corridor of LRT is undeniable. The potential for growth and densification in this ambitious city is undeniable...but the "R" in LRT does not stand for "Rapid".. they changed that a while ago "Light Rail Transit". Not sure what the predication is now but I've heard estimates of roughly 30+ minutes to get from the east end to the west. This is not Rapid. BRT "Bus Rapid Transit" is a much more viable option for the current and future city. Wheels instead of tracks give you endless options. What happens when there is an accident in or around the track and the train cannot pass? What happens if a train breaks down and can't be moved? Buses can be re-routed. We could increase service up the mountain and have a truly connected city.

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