Comment 122418

By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted February 05, 2018 at 10:03:51 in reply to Comment 122416

I don't know. A reporter gets a tip-off from a friend? I think that happens far more often than anyone realizes. Apparently Brown's 'antics' were already well known but like any accused, a presumption of innocence is supposed to be given until guilt is proven (burden of proof etc...).

All that aside, the party brass seemed more than happy ( and prepared ) to be shot of Brown. Not a single word of defense from anyone in his party and here we are a week later with a full cast of leadership hopefuls getting lots of attention with a comfortable four months to go until the election.

So, I think the reporter was doing her due diligence. Phone calls were being made to higher ups in the PC party, people were getting nervous and likely the whisper campaign had been going full tilt before the story broke and Brown 'left'.

Remember, reporters don't just publish stories on their own. It goes through their editor whose responsibility it is to make sure the facts as reported can stand up to scrutiny. Only then does it get released.

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