Comment 122179

By GWW (registered) | Posted November 27, 2017 at 10:44:34

It depends where you select on 'Burlington Street. For grain farmers delivery to Bunge at Victoria and Burlington, its 16.2 Kms longer and 8 minutes slower on the suggested route. It would be quite similar for the Seaboard truck if its picking up fuel just east of Bunge. As to the Sysco truck, it services fast-food outlets through-out the city, and it doesn't originate from Burlington Street area.. Other trucks, like Lafarge,(north of Bunge) have raw materials flowing in and ready mix concrete flowing out of their facility for the lower City. I think we need a proper expressway to connect to the eastern portion of the Burlington Street area to the 403, and that would separate out the trucks from pedestrians and bicycles. Because of a poorly built transportation systems, that doesn't meet today's expectations, the consequences are traffic thru older parts of the City.

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