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By RobF (registered) | Posted October 10, 2017 at 09:44:06 in reply to Comment 122017

In its present format, the process allows for information gathering but not for enough time to read it/process it before demolition/construction are underway. In every planning process there are a lot of moving parts and the feedback gathered from residents needs to be valued as much as the plans put forward by developers.

Having been involved in the extensive community engagement done over the last few years, re: waterfront development, I don't disagree with the overall point you are making. The trouble with planning and development approval is that it occurs over time and across multiple decisions. Most people generally don't get involved until a development is slated to begin construction next door ... and usually to oppose it. Site Plan isn't the appropriate stage for people to question or give input on basic land-use planning issues ... like height, density, or permitted use. You'd be better off putting your energies and time toward requesting a more streamlined process for cases like this, such as a DPS: (though you'd need to decide if you agree with what the proposed new Downtown Secondary Plan and Tall Buildings Guidelines have in mind for your area first).

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