Comment 122020

By sparrowswain (anonymous) | Posted October 10, 2017 at 09:32:54 in reply to Comment 122019

I think you're on to something important here. Residents will definitely have opposing and contrary views - it's not reasonable to expect everyone to approach new development/redevelopment from the same position. That being said, and from my perspective, "non-expert" opinions about things that people "don't like" are important for everyone to consider as part of the process. Sometimes those reasons are grounded in things that are based on knowledge that no one else has and, if listened to carefully, can provide valuable insight. The extent to which you can bring a community together has a lot to do with how connected you are to that community and to how well you keep them informed. The issue, in part, is about sharing knowledge. Keeping information from people makes them feel like they're outside the process and not involved in their neighbourhood - that's not going to help the situation at any stage and the sooner people have a chance to express their opinions the better off the relationship between developer/community will be (in many cases).

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