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By jond (registered) | Posted September 08, 2017 at 13:05:12 in reply to Comment 121913

As a resident of the one-way area of John I was part of the elite group to had received an "exclusive" invitation to the meeting, which was apparently requested in the petition that Jason Farr had received with 50 or so names. The reasoning for most there to oppose was split between "it has always been one-way" (it hasn't), and concern surrounding increase volume at the Bennetto/St Lawrence School, Health/Rec Centre. While others were concerned about the timing, being so close to the start of school.

I'm generally in favour of two-way conversions as I understand it's tendency to reduce speeds. But due to the unusual width of John St I've always question how much help it would be. And I'm certain that it the conversion would have done nothing to solve the most dangerous element of John St. Which is the proximity of traffic to the kids walking and cycling on the west sidewalk near Bennetto School, Health Centre and Community Centre.

This is why when I sensed the direction of the meeting and that the status quo was looking like it was going to remain, I pushed to have the west side passing lane removed and have it replaced with a bike lane. This concept received unanimous support from everyone in the room. Which says something significant for the embrace of cycling infrastructure in Hamilton I thought.

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