Comment 121708

By Haveacow (registered) | Posted July 06, 2017 at 19:17:17

Change #3 into #1 nothing can happen until area rating ends. Next, make it a matter of civic policy that all gas tax money must be spent on transit unless, there is an emergency situation. Which is how it is done most Ontario cities. Do not bother with the old 10 year transit strategy it was hopeless and far far removed from a real functional operational plan. Just a list of whishes and would like to have's, designed to make people and other governments think they gave a dam about transit. A real transit growth strategy has goals and concepts that would address and improve conditions in points 4 through 8. #9 is a staffing issue. Now #10, as a resident of Ottawa, a city that is putting $2.2 Billion of our own cash into our $5.8 Billion LRT plan, including both Stage 1&2, it is a really nice sentiment. This however doesn't include the $400-500 Million we will be spending on new BRT rights of way by 2031. However, if you can get the cash for free don't be stupid, take it!

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