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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted June 06, 2017 at 15:02:27

Fundamentally, Hamilton City Council has a responsibility to implement standards that create a transportation system that is safe for all people in Hamilton.

Such a standard, called Sustainable Safety, has been implemented in The Netherlands and is a key factor in creating the safest streets in the world. Sustainable Safety has five key principles (quoted from the above link):

Functionality (of roads);
Homogeneity (of mass, speed and direction of road users);
Predictability (of road course and road user behavior by a recognizable road design); Forgivingness (of both the road/street environment and the road users);
State awareness (by the road user).

The death of Jasmin Hanif was due to the road design of Evans Road violating the first principle: Functionality.

I will stop writing now, lest this comment turn into an article!

For more information, please see the official Dutch publication Advancing Sustainable Safety. This was conveniently translated into English by the Kingdom of the Netherlands because the Dutch government wants to help people in other countries to stop killing themselves with unsafe road designs.

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