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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 27, 2017 at 12:08:30

True, it is over sold a bit but, if you had to experience the daily crush and packing that occurs on our buses travelling the Transitway Network, 14 freaking doors and room for up to 600 passengers are a pretty good selling point! But 600 won't always be the maximum.

Like most other modern LRV designs (Bombardier's Flexity LRV's included) the Alstom Citadis LRV is modular and is designed to be expanded. The LRV's can add extra sections with the work done at the local maintenance facility not at a far away factory. Currently, this is how workers at Belfast Yard (the name of the LRV Maintenance Storage Facility) are assembling the current fleet. Instead of having to expensively ship entire trains, each section is sent individually and assembled locally into its final configuration. The design for Alstom's Citadis Spirit LRV allows an additional 5th section to be added to increase each car from 48-49 metres in length to 59-60 metres in length and a capacity for 370 passengers per car or 740 per 2 car train.

These are pictures and illustrations of the 4 section LRV's

Promotional Video from Alstom which at about 20 second point into the video shows the possible configurations the vehicle can do and their relative capacities

The stations platforms on the surface sections of the Confederation Line are also designed to be cheaply and easily expandable from their current 90-100 metre length to 120 metres. This matches the larger 2 car train lengths of 118-120 metres. The tunnel station passenger platforms are already 120 metres in length. The ultimate theoretical capacity of the line is 24,000 p/h/d (passengers per hour per direction). These upgrades are expected to be needed around the 2031-2040 time span.

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