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By jeffzuk (registered) | Posted April 27, 2017 at 08:20:05

Let me try and be the first to comment before certain "not-fair-minded skeptics" speak their peace. Obviously, this was a victory for LRT supporters, and activists like Ryan and the folks here at Raise The Hammer deserve praise. I realize there are many more bumps along the road, including other opportunities to derail the project irreparably, but I'm hoping this spirit of compromise shown by many councillors, especially the folks who switched their vote under the possibility of political harm, continues forward. At the least, for a decisive moment, this council modeled the kind of behaviour we should expect from our elected officials – that of reaching across tables, seeking bridges to differences rather than sowing seeds of division – that is lacking in the currect political climate. And even if that's too much, at least the temperature has cooled down. I'm under no illusion that there weren't still individual and political gains that were met in yesterday's vote, and it's likely there was a lot of pressure placed on the fence-sitting councillors, especially around the economic impact of killing LRT. That said, it still takes guts to do "the right thing," and in my view the right thing isn't necessarily voting for LRT but rather working with each other rather than against. Onwards and upwards.

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