Comment 121341

By Dylan (registered) | Posted April 24, 2017 at 20:55:36 in reply to Comment 121339

Wynne and McMeeken are indeed not transit experts. However, neither are you, nor are those in council second guessing the plan. What do the actual experts think? LRT is the better plan for Hamilton over BRT. It provides more economic uplift, and its cheaper to operate. Your assertion is based on your opinion, which is just not as important to me as the opinions of professional transit planners.

The province isn't forcing this plan down our throats without consultation, WE ASKED FOR IT, again and again, and tens of millions of dollars of provincial money has been spent planning it. So you think it's unjust or suspicious to say "take it or leave it" after all this time and money spent? What would you do with a child who requested you cook a particular meal for them, and when you're ready to serve it they say "hmmm... maybe I want something else". I would say, "Eat your damn dinner you asked for or go hungry!"

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