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By LeeEdwardMcIlmoyle (registered) - website | Posted March 15, 2017 at 10:25:18

I feel like a long response is called for, but I'm so exhausted from everything, it's hard to find the energy.

I guess the only thing we have left is to start responding with stronger language to make it clear to certain councillors that we are not going to tolerate being insulted or belittled in the name of propping up some presumptive reelection campaign. The title of this article is strong, but it probably needs to be so.

Still, I caution about coming off too angry. We might give our esteemed opponents the impression that we're flagging, ourselves.

One thing concerns me more than that, though: Terry's flagrant use of the Hamilton News as his personal pulpit. Is there any chance we need to start approaching them more regularly with op eds of our own?

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