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By Lynn (registered) | Posted March 06, 2017 at 00:15:35

Sad to see so many negative comments, but good to see positive ones too. I'd like to share my experience growing up in Oshawa, particularly south Oshawa.Yes, there are many parts of south Oshawa that were and continue to be positive, safe places for families. My family, with a large family of children, lived up on different streets in the south part of Oshawa for decades. In the 1970's, my parents bought a new house (four bedrooms, large yard) for under $30,000 which our family still has. Several similar neighbouring houses sold in excess of $400,000 last year. People are discovering affordable housing with large yards, green areas, and walking distance to the beach and large Lakeview Park. There are plenty of sports areas, a high school, public school, and Catholic school. I know that many years of students from these schools have gone on to lead happy positive and professional lives. Among the students over the years have been Olympians, NHL players, authors, lawyers, judges, nurses, and students who have moved on to work in other countries including England, Asia, and Europe. The ones I mention above were my classmates or my siblings' classmates. My brothers and sisters and I went to school with many students, whether they were of European, Ukrainian, Italian, or African American heritage and I consider my life all the richer for these friendships and experiences. Take a drive through the streets and neighbourhoods and see family homes, streets lined with maple and cherry trees. You might still be able to get in on a great deal on one of these homes and make lasting friendships. You can take a quick trip to the park, go bike riding, go to a sports complex, or relax in your back yard under an apple tree or beside a large garden.

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