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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted February 02, 2017 at 12:11:46

I will be honest here guys, the A line as a "BRT lite" Line is a political compromise that will save the B-Line LRT in the long run. Since the B-line is now going out in the RFQ stage it will be very difficult to stop the line unless a provincial election changes things. From a professional perspective, the A Line Lite BRT service also frees up the B-Line operation from running a complicated spur line operation in a challenging open traffic environment on James street North.

Once the B-Line is running, residents who opposed it will see the difference between BRT Lite and true LRT and you will see calls for more LRT. Also, I think the members of your council who are against LRT will be facing a tough fight now because the first LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) is about to be shipped from Bombardier in Thunder Bay to the LRV Maintenance and Storage Facility for the ION Line in Waterloo for line testing. Its very hard to fight off LRT in Hamilton if you are facing a constant flood of pictures of an LRV testing on the semi complete LRT Line in Waterloo and Kitchener, so close to Hamilton.

Even the hard core anti-LRT pro BRT crowd in Ottawa were finally silenced when "public LRV testing" on an eastern segment of the Confederation Line started here in Ottawa. The silence continued when on the same day that the digging of the final connection of the 2 downtown LRT tunnel segments was complete, the city finally secured an agreement in principle from the NCC (National Capital Commission) over where the Stage 2 LRT expansion will operate on NCC land. LRT is here and sticking around for a while.

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