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By factsmatter (registered) | Posted January 31, 2017 at 22:04:41

Interesting to know whether this Planning Committee's concern is strictly height related, as this proposal is certainly higher than we have come to see in the suburbs. But most of the tall buildings in this area are within 2-4 stories lower than this one... And most abut single family homes, which continue to be marketable to purchasers and/or renters.

Re: Dundas project, that's pure NIMBY too. That proposal was appealed by a few neighbours, despite the fact it is 9 stories, flanked on either side by commercial properties (north) and existing 7.5 storey rental building (south). Wasn't much ire there but from the appellants... it has staff support, Plan Committee support and Council support.

New rental, which both Stoney Creek and Dundas surely need wont be built unless builders can cover their cost and make a return.

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