Comment 119080

By jason (registered) | Posted June 05, 2016 at 18:03:02 in reply to Comment 119070

especially in light of Hamilton's spending and subsidy priorities over the past 50 years: very suburban focused. In some lower city hoods the feeling has existed for decades of being all but forgotten.

But even aside from all that, his behaviour, and some similar comments from Jackson and Collins is embarrassing and petty. What would all 3 of them said if councillors from other regions of the city had vehemently opposed Red Hill and Linc, not on any environmental basis, but on the basis of "it's not fair for those wards to get such a big investment. We will try to halt it until someone gives my ward something".

The 3 of them would have been in the news daily with grandiose quotes and criticism of such idiotic behaviour. But here we are, the first big investment in the lower city in my lifetime, and this is what we get......

Classism is alive and well in the Hammer

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