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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted June 02, 2016 at 11:56:48 in reply to Comment 118998

To be fair Ottawa's unToronto leanings as you put it are because we had Mayor from 2006-2010 who was almost as destructive as Rob Ford, Mayor Larry O'Brien. We also had a Prime Minister who actively and publicly stated that he hated the city of Ottawa, Harper.

Harper cuts to 2 planned new museums while they were under construction and the outright elimination of 16,000-18,000 federal jobs. Then realizing some of the positions were needed and then hiring his buddies private companies, to do the same job while rehiring a few thousand ex federal workers and paying them 60% what they were earning before. Those unneeded government jobs were positions in the TSB and Rail safety directorate at Transport Canada.

mayor Larry O'Brien cancelled Ottawa's North-South LRT project in 2006 just while it was it started construction. He cancelled a project that was under way and ignored a signed contract with Siemens and Siemen's Development Company. He boasted we would be okay, well it cost us $37 Million + damages when we lost the court case. As a consultant that simple act is still costing Ottawa money today because all consultants raise their prices when dealing with the city. The belief among the consultant community goes like this, if the city can cancel a signed contract with one the largest companies on Earth what chance do I have? What will happen if the political winds change and they dump me, I might not get paid for awhile, so get as much money as I can from them, when I can from them.

So we tend to have a feeling now in Ottawa, that we need to strike right now before the government changes in Toronto or on Parliament Hill.

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