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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 27, 2016 at 12:49:13 in reply to Comment 118851

Yes it is! the reason we are finally changing the Central Transitway from BRT to LRT is we just can't afford to maintain a bus fleet of 1100+ buses and bus backups at every major Transitway station at rush hour. Not just the famous ones on Albert and Slater Streets but we were having back ups at stations on the Transitway proper. Albert and Slater streets have painted bus lanes that have much lower capacity then physically segregated Busways (those bus lanes have to cross 12 intersections as well).

If stayed with buses instead of converting to rail, we would have to have downtown and other central Transitway stations able to handle a bus every 15-18 seconds by 2031. That would mean we would have to make Transitway (BRT) stations with capacities that were equal to some of the very large South American and Chinese Busways. Brisbane's Cultural Centre Station is a perfect example of what Ottawa would have to build in downtown and we still be stuck with the high system operating costs.

Simply changing to LRT conservatively saves us $60 Million a year in operational costs and will free up to 150 buses during peak periods alone. I'm not saying we shouldn't have LRT, I'm just saying we want our free stuff from the province too! We have had to sacrifice far too many other things far into the future just to so we can pay our 1/3 for phase 2.

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