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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 27, 2016 at 07:58:10 in reply to Comment 118806

Ryan that is a good point but when we in Ottawa pay more than 3 times for transit on our tax bill per person than what people in the most expensive part of Hamilton pay, its cold comfort. We want some free stuff too!

In fact, according to the CUTA's and The Ministry of Transportation Ontario's Urban Transit Factbook of Ontario, As of 2015, Ottawa is currently paying a Municipal Operating Tax Grant per Capita of $252.56, where Hamilton is paying, $75.80 per capita.

Under our Constitution Municipalities are not an official level of government. Therefore, the City can't charge municipal taxes on the Federal or Provincial government land and properties. The city receives cash in lieu of taxes from the senior levels of government. The amount is decided by the senior level of government not the city, so you can imagine we get seriously screwed. It was recently figured out that on a square metre basis, the feds, by far the biggest land owner in the city, is only paying 1/3 what a normal private company or residential address would be charged and the province about 75%. Being the National Capital actually costs the city and its taxpayers quite a bit of money!

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