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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted May 25, 2016 at 06:34:48 in reply to Comment 118761

She sincerely thought council had decided, after dozens of pro-LRT votes and coming through with the funding for LRT Council requested.

'I honestly thought this conversation was done'

But she has confirmed Metolinx's statement that the money must be used for rapid transit (not roads, other infrastructure or the regular HSR bus system).

And there is absolutely no reason to prefer BRT over LRT for those Councillors who are opposed to LRT: it would still require dedicated lanes, construction would be difficult and take years and it would still go in the lower city. It would also provide minimal economic uplift, be noisy and unattractive to new riders.

No one in Hamilton has been genuinely enthusiastic about BRT except as a way to confuse the debate over LRT. When LRT opponents claim to support BRT they really mean just 'maybe a few more buses', not an actual BRT on specially constructed dedicated lanes with signal priority that would have the same affects on traffic and would be worse for businesses and residents than LRT.

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