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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted March 31, 2016 at 17:47:53 in reply to Comment 117382

Of course, if there wasn't a car involved no one would have been killed or injured! But that's not the same as blaming motorists it's simply recognizing what the most dangerous component of the interaction is.

It would be great if everyone (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists) were more careful. But hoping for this hasn't helped for the past 100 years and won't help in the future.

We might 'need' more common sense, but how do propose to magically generate enough common sense to stop the deaths and injuries?

Simply exhort people to be more careful? Reminding people to be careful can't hurt, especially for children, but it has been shown to be ineffective. There will always been inattentive people, both drivers and pedestrians, but there should not be a death penalty for inattentiveness!

You're proposing doing nothing and just accepting that thousands will be killed and injured by cars (motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, those who are to 'blame' and those who are 'innocent').

It's your attitude that Vision Zero is trying to change!

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