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By mountain66 (registered) | Posted March 28, 2016 at 16:14:55 in reply to Comment 117315

I wouldn't have to go to Dundas , I'd just have to walk out to Upper James & watch the cars coming off the Claremont,into a 50 KPH zone with a school crossing a block away. I have watched the speed signs coming off the Kenilworth access & they appear to work there. Kingston seems to have done an effective job with their downtown (you can street view 120 Princess Street in Kingston to see). As for stop signs, I totally agree & I have been honked at & gotten the finger more than once for coming to a complete stop. I don't know the solution to that because if you do station a police officer drivers would behave until they were gone. That was another funny rule in Some cities in Italy, bicycles & scooters under a cc limit could legally treat stop signs and red lights like yields.

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