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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted March 28, 2016 at 13:40:15 in reply to Comment 117297

I'm pretty curious too, but let's wait till the new plans arrive. It is possible that the stations are totally rejigged at these locations.

There are parking lots and asphalt (e.g. the gas station and the submarine place) that could be utilized, for example, to create enough temporary width for two LRT lanes, two traffic lanes, and a station, combined with sufficiently enhanced sidewalks. It may mean some loss of parkinglot land for some businesses (Metrolinx would obviously pay for such parking lot expropriations for any Sherman station, for example) and would pay for the costs of any reconfigurations (e.g. gas tank location for gas station at Sherman, unless the gas station moves altogether).

Many places do not seem to have room unless station positions are jiggled around a bit (e.g. opposite side of an intersection) so we will have to see what the new plan is. I'm intensely curious, as you are too!

Additional consideration: Consider Sherman station has a few interesting observations for development opportunities: Gas station, soviet apartment block, and a traditional parking-lot submarine place.

It shows many existing construction near the stations are not heritage at all, and a low expropriation community-outrage risk. There is that older 60s-style soviet ugly apartment cube next to the gas station so presumably in 10 or 15 years -- both the gas station and that apartment could theoretically merge together into one hopefully tastefully-designed retail+apartment complex (four-five storey with setback at top?), maybe even with a nice patio restaurant/cafe/bar/icecream. Ditto for the submarine place, which would no doubt love to sell out their suddenly-valuable plot of land for a development. This may mean a loss of parking but that parking lot is almost always empty (submarine place). When the plans are released, we'll know how many meters of parking lot needs to be expropriated. There is another gas station (Pioneer) down the street and fewer cars will likely use King, so it may be turned redundant, favouring a more appropriate development that covers city taxes better & fits well in the neighborhood. For this, I would hope for mixed-income developments, inclusive housing, or other form.

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