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By ergopepsi (registered) | Posted March 23, 2016 at 09:55:37 in reply to Comment 117171

I never wore a helmet when I was a kid. I rode my bike with no shirt, no shoes and the idea of a helmet wasn't even on the radar. I always had oily scabby ankles from catching myself on that cog that runs the chain. Still here to this day. I did wear a helmet for a brief period just as an example to my kid who is being brought up in this bubble wrap culture but I've since forgone it. It's not comfortable, annoying to carry around and yes it makes you look like a six year old with a beard. Actually, it makes you look like a six year old with a beard that's scared of the world.

If I was riding in all kinds of traffic or speeding on a super bike with nice tight pants that showed off my massive manhood then sure maybe I would wear one but my bike goes no helmet. If I need a helmet to ride that I need a helmet to walk.

As a disclaimer this is coming from a guy that rode a motorcycle with no helmet on the freeway in the US so hey as Forrest Gump says...

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