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By DowntownInHamilton (registered) | Posted March 22, 2016 at 19:17:25 in reply to Comment 117156

Jason, are you sure you know what you're talking about?

I think it's more like what was said in this Spec article.

There was a concern on the left that vote splitting might let a centre- or right-leaning candidate take the ward, or that a random left-winger might. Since the patterns here show that you had:

  • Number 1 - Right

  • Number 2 - Unknown? Looks to be left-leaning

  • Number 3 - NDP

  • Number 4 - Centre-Left

  • Number 5 - Left

  • Number 6 - Left

  • Number 7 - No idea

  • Number 8 - Centre-Left

There was a bit of huddling of support for the right with some serious vote splitting on the left and centre leaning candidates. If the left had united behind a single candidate you'd probably see a more left-leaning candidate in office. Having spoken with some insiders on some previous campaigns run in previous municipal elections, this type of thing happens - the candidates that are backed by a party get access to their databases, their call lists, the voting patterns, and get the provincial/federal voting machines to help them ramp up their campaigns.

It also seems like you've got a bit of envy that your councillor doesn't try to meet his constituents by getting out into the community. Not defending Terry and his monthly Westcliffe Mall town halls, but I don't see many other candidates trying to get out and listen to their constituents on their time. It might be a bunch of angry old white people going to complain to Terry, but if the other groups don't get out and do the same, he'll go with what he hears/knows.

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