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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted March 04, 2016 at 00:14:47 in reply to Comment 116739

Would you consider Gage Park to be a large park or a small park? Well the city's golf courses are about 3X teh size of Gage Park. You could probably fit all of the city's urban parks put together into Chedoke.

I live near Chedoke, and I would be perfectly happy to keep a large Chedoke Sledding Park with playgrounds and gardens and whatnot, and let the rest of the area be fully developed into high-density residential, with a commercial strip along Studholm where it meets Aberdeen. Give the neighbors a break on their property taxes for the next decade as a sweetener.

The Chedoke area would still have not one but two rail-trails.

Want to impress me? Build a new golf course and urban mega-park on the blighted landscape of Stelco after the industry gives up on it. It's not like that land is going to get used for anythign else.

Hell, if "more parks" is your goal, you could develop 75% of Chedoke and still make multiple respectably - large parks. Boom, more parks! (in quantity, not in surface-area).

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