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By osborne (registered) | Posted December 05, 2015 at 11:09:36

The bias of an anti motor vehicular transportation philosophy is interesting at Raise the Hammer. Have there been studies on use of the bike lanes along Cannon? I travel along Cannon in a car (oh shame). I'm not a daily commuter but during daytime, rush hour and evening hours I rarely see a cyclist in the bike lanes. I see a lot of motor vehicles though sometimes moving smoothly and sometimes jammed around Queen.

As far as some of the streets mentioned like Sherman and Sanford, they seem to have been created for an era when there was a lot more commercial business activity? Revitalizing central east Barton area would be a good idea. Maybe, the traffic is sparse because there are fewer preferred destinations than there use to be?

I do think that something should be done about cyclist traffic on mountain accesses though if it can be proven that there is a need based more on safety than numbers of cyclists. Unfortunately, I suspect that the cyclist travel along Cannon is an argument against expanding cyclist lanes. I could be wrong though. Maybe, the city has a cyclist traffic study to prove my observations wrong?

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