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By jason (registered) | Posted September 10, 2015 at 15:21:38 in reply to Comment 113818

I use Creighton all the time to go from downtown up to the rail trail and back home. Ogilvie could be great. It's so unnecessarily wide, but as we know, unnecessarily wide in Hamilton is how we like our streets.

Had a funny convo with my kids the other day as they watched all sorts of lunacy happening on King St. They said "do people get in trouble for driving like this?" I said "No. Not only do they not get in trouble, but this is how the city wants them to drive. That's why they built the road like this."

Stunned silence as they continued to watch from the edge of Victoria Park. Finally our youngest daughter incredulously says "why would they WANT people to drive like this?? Someone will get hurt." To which my wife and I replied, "no idea".

Even little kids can see how horrendous and dangerous our over-built roads are, but city hall loves em' like that.

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