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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted September 10, 2015 at 14:45:44

On Hatt St, I think the intent is that cyclists continue east from Hatt and take Baldwin/Court to Dundas, which ends a short hop from Cootes' Drive trail. The hard part, then, would be continuing the bike lane through Hatt to Baldwin - Baldwin/Court are so low-traffic they have no need of bike-lanes, and the short stretch of Dundas between Court and the Cootes' Drive trail could easily accommodate bike lanes. Even today most of this route works well except for the lack of signage - I didn't know to turn right at Court, and taking a bike to Dundas/Governors/Main intersection is awful. Simple signage would be a big improvement here.

I took my bike with my kids in tow on Victoria Day to see the fireworks at Dundas Driving park, and found that Cootes Drive -> East St -> King E -> York -> Park -> Cross worked well except for the mess at York/King/King/Cootes/West intersection-plaza thing. We ended up biking through the parking lot, which sucked.

I think a Hatt greenway and a Park greenway would both be reasonable goals as a first-step, since all they'd require would be painted lines and signage (except for the York parkette crossing).

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