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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted August 21, 2015 at 12:55:21 in reply to Comment 113585

Yes, traffic planning needs to be done on a systematic, city-wide basis. Otherwise, the situation that you describe will indeed happen.

This situation already has happened in Durand. The ultra-rich in their mansions on Aberdeen used their clout to make Aberdeen no longer a through route for car drivers. Since this was not done systematically in Durand, the effect is to dump extra rat-running car traffic on Herkimer and Charlton.

The right way is to use a sector strategy for the whole city. The way this works is to use the QEW/Red Hill/Linc/403 as a ring road around Hamilton. Hamilton is then divided into sectors, using existing neighbourhoods.

People walking, cycling, or using public transit can go straight from A to B. But car drivers cannot drive straight from one sector to another. They have to drive out to the ring road, drive around to the destination sector, then drive back in again. This systematically eliminates rat-running from EVERY residential street and neighbourhood in Hamilton.

To see how this works in action, an excellent example can be seen in this video of the city of Groningen.

The effect in Groningen was to push cycling mode share to over 50% and car driving mode share to less than 20%. And make the city a people-friendly place that is pleasant to live in.

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