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By peaches (anonymous) | Posted August 03, 2015 at 16:07:55 in reply to Comment 113180

So those peaches I just bought are not as nutritious as the peaches I ate 40 years ago? How about the broccoli we had with dinner yesterday? The pork chops I had 30years ago were better for me then the ones I'm going to have tomorrow? Here I thought the pork that is available today was better than what we used to get because they have been bred to be leaner.

Making food less expensive and therefor more accessible is a good thing. The fact people eat to much is not, but it is a personal decision. I don't want to go to a situation where people are lean because they can't afford food, which has been the case for much of our past.

Making food cheaper makes it more accessible for the poor which is a good thing. Not only is food cheaper but we have access to produce all year round that was unheard of not that many years ago. I just don't see the down side in the improvements. Do people make poor decisions and eat to much and also eat empty calories? Absolutely but that is their decision not yours to make.

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